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We are Egghouse, and we're developing As It Is, a watercolor, storybook-like 2D sidescrolling narrative adventure game about helping animals be themselves. With As It Is, you can play as:

  • A small hedgehog 

With these planned characters in the future:

  • A small bird

With As It Is, we want to celebrate the various cultures and identities we see in our world, to love those with differing perspectives, and especially to grow and accept ourselves.


As It Is features a conversation system that simulates social anxiety! Help Hedgehog make friends! Toot your trumpet! Your world is limitless!

Disclaimer: world is not actually limitless.

❗❗ This game is in early development & may have missing features, bugs, etc. ❗❗


MOVEMENT: arrow keys 

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Install instructions

Just unzip and play!

Please direct any issues or bugs to asitisgame@gmail.com, or directly fill out our bug report form.


Oct13MAC.app.zip 82 MB
Oct13PC.zip 77 MB

Development log


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I love this game I played it at Play NYC!! I think the art is fantastic and the mechanics are very compelling! The writing is also great, they feel instantly believable!  (side note please change the font for this page, it's super hard to read) 

Thanks John - that is wonderful to hear!

Re: font - done! We're still continuously working on expanding the game with more mechanics, characters, and scenes. If you're interested in learning about our workflow, you can check out our blog here.  Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for playing! 🦔✨